When Drew Storen got sent down to the minors, friend and teammate Tyler Clippard spoke out about the signing of Rafael Soriano and the message it sent to Storen.

“You basically send a guy a message this offseason for having one bad game – that he’s not the guy for the job,” Clippard said last week. “He’s only human. It’s going to get to anybody. … Eight months later, you get to a point where he’s struggling, and you turn the page on him and you send him down. It’s not necessarily turning the page on him, because I think he needs to regroup and get out of this environment and take a deep breath and re-gather himself. I just think it’s been handled very poorly.”

Mike Rizzo was on with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan and was asked about what the organization might have done better to help the situation.

“We certainly could have explained things to [Storen] earlier on as the process was going on,” the Nats GM said. “But the Soriano process kind of took a life of its own, if you will, and it got to a point where it accelerated quickly and and that type of thing.”

Rizzo went on to explain that pitching coach Steve McCatty talked to both Storen and Clippard before the Soriano deal was publicly announced, and that the move was designed to “another quality, backend reliever to make us that much stronger.”

As far as Clippard’s charge that the organization mishandled the situation, Rizzo had this to say.

“I thought we handled it perfectly,” he countered. “If mishandling the situation means getting an established closer that had 42 saves in New York City, then we mishandled it. But I don’t think that’s mishandling it. I think that’s strengthening strength and getting the best 25 men possible to play on the big league club. That’s where I think the assessment was an error.”

Rizzo also mentioned that he had a chat with Clippard after his public criticism of the team’s decisions.

“We certainly had the conversation,” said Rizzo. “And like I said before, his opinion is important to me. He’s a big part of the club and all those opinions count. But you take the opinions and you process them and you have to make what I believe is the best decision for the ball club and I felt this winter, to add a pitcher like Rafael Soriano to our bullpen I think was a good move.”



Davey Johnson, on a grim-looking Nats future:

“I don’t regret saying, ‘World Series or bust.’ It looks more like bust.

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RGIII gave the shirt his seal of approval:

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