Ryan Kerrigan’s newly released Thompson Creek ad is amazing. Because it came out Thursday morning, Kerrigan’s Redskins teammates hadn’t seen it yet. I made sure to fix that. I pulled the commercial up on my iPhone and showed it to Niles Paul. It only took a few seconds for a crowd to gather, and before long Darrel Young, Josh Morgan, Rob Jackson, Stephen Bowen and several other players were crowded around the phone, watching the magic. Here’s how that group conversation went.

Niles Paul: “Hahahahahaha”

Darrel Young: “Get the [expletive] outta here.”

Niles Paul (as Kerrigan starts screaming in the commercial): “HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Josh Morgan: “I hope he got paid for that.”

Niles Paul: “Hahahahahahaohmygoodnesshahahaha”

Darrel Young (as Kerrigan dances across the screen): “That’s outta his personality right there. Way outta his personality.”

Niles Paul: [plays the commercial again]

Rob Jackson: “Woooooow.”

Stephen Bowen: “What is it called, and where can I find this?”

The group watched the commercial at least four times before heading into the facility, presumably to spread the awesomeness around the locker room.

“It was weird, then it got funny, then it got weird again,” Bowen said when I asked for his review.

Alfred Morris, who missed the group showing, got to see it on his own.

“Oh my goodness. When was this?” he asked, in between fits of laughter. “I’m going to give him a hard time about this. That is hilarious.”

Kerrigan, who stayed on the field after practice to sign autographs, was a good sport about it all.

“Yeah, I gotta show I got a little personality every now and then. Usually I’m pretty tame in interviews and what not, but I’ve got a personality to me,” he said. “We had a good one last year, but we wanted to make it a little more out there this year. I think we got that accomplished.”

I’ll say.

Kerrigan might have some competition in the acting department though. Morris, when asked if he could pull of the sun role, said he’d be up for the challenge.

“Of course I can. I could be the best sun ever,” said Morris, striking a pose. “Shine bright.”

Here it is again, because awesome.