Ted Leonsis talked with Monumental Network on Wednesday about John Wall’s max contract and holy cow Ted Leonsis is looking skinny.

Like, not just non-fat. He’s looking skinny.

Above, on the left, is Leonsis in December of 2011, as photographed by The Post’s Jonathan Newton. On the right is Leonsis on Wednesday, talking to Jumoke Davis, via this video.

“I am making great progress on my list of late and on my personal fitness,” Leonsis wrote on his blog earlier this week.


As for the substance of their conversation, Leonsis had high praise for Wall.

“We said John would be the centerpiece of our rebuild, and it’s wonderful to get him off of his rookie contract and now have him signed here for five years,” the owner said. “The point guard always has the ball in his hands, he’s our leader, he’s the individual you’re going to build the team around. And we can all take great comfort now that we can continue to improve the team with John at the helm.”

Davis then asked why do the deal now, before Wall even finishes out his entry-level deal.

“I think John earned the opportunity to be here on a long-term deal,” Leonsis replied. “We think that John has tremendous upside still as a player, and he’s also a very fine young man. I’m really proud of the way that John has embraced the fans here in Washington D.C. — how he’s a leader for the team, and he wants only what’s best for our team.  Our goal collectively is to make the playoffs, and then to do better and go deep in the playoffs, and then build a championship-caliber team. And he totally has internalized that that’s what we’re doing. And now that he has the security of the deal, he can only be focused on – instead of individual stats – team stats.”

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