(Prest0n Keres/The Washington Post)

Back in 2008 when DeShawn Stevenson was a Wizard, he endeared himself to fans in many ways, one of which was his feud with LeBron James. Michael Lee explained at the time how it all started.

Apparently, James said something about DeShawn to former Cav Drew Gooden, who recently related that information to DeShawn. He didn’t appreciate it.
“We’re all in the same profession,” Stevenson said. “We don’t need to talk bad about one another. So, that’s how it happened. I was ticked off and that’s why I said something to him at tip-off. So, it goes back further than people think.”

I asked DeShawn if what James said was basketball-related or personal and he said: “It was both. I won’t say what he said. I said something back and we’ll leave it at that.”

Stevenson then went on to call James overrated, James responded by likening him to Soulja Boy, and Stevenson accused James of copying his beard. It was all super adult.

When Stevenson ended up with the Mavericks, he said that while he had put the beef behind him, James might still have hard feelings.

“I don’t think he forgot,” Stevenson said, via ESPN. “It’s still there, but it was with my old team. I think it’s pretty much over. It’s a different team, different type of situation. But sometimes people don’t forget things.”

It looks like Stevenson is hoping that James has a bad memory, because he called out to the Heat star for help over the weekend.