(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Part of being an NFL rookie is dealing with the demands of the veterans. Some call it hazing, but it seems that so far, the Redskins have been taking it easy on the new guys.

“The most I’ve ever had to do was buy snacks for everyone in the meeting room,” safety Phillip Thomas said.  “I bought four bags of sunflowers seeds, some gummy worms. Somebody wanted some beef jerky, so I got that.”

Safety Bacarri Rambo also took his turn buying snacks, along with the customary pad-carrying.

“I had to buy snacks, and yesterday Josh Wilson asked me to tote his shoulder pads and I’m like, I’ve never toted another man’s shoulder pads,” said Rambo, who dutifully carried the pads after practice. “But that’s just part of the rookie experience and all. I’m glad I’m here and I’m really enjoying it.”

That’s the story and they’re sticking to it.

But it’s not all snack buying and equipment carrying. The team started the always-popular rookie skits last week, and it has some of the rookies who have yet to perform a little nervous.

“I know the rookie shows is going to come up pretty soon. I’m so not prepared for that,” admitted Thomas, who said that all of the rookies are aware of Kirk Cousins’s popular performance last year.

“I was thinking about [impersonating Shanahan],” Thomas continued. “But once I heard he did that last year, I was like, I can’t beat that. I might have to wing it. I might have to just sing really bad. I’m not a good singer, but I’ll give it my best shot. “

What would he sing? Thomas thought for a second and then smiled.

“’Body Party’ by Ciara,” he said.

Rambo also said he’s considering a musical performance.

“I’ve been thinking, there’s a guy named Chip in this rookie class and he’s a rapper,” he said.  “I think I might hit a beat for him and let him spit real quick.

“I’m not trying to beat anyone,” he added. “I’m just trying to get it over with.”

I think the biggest tragedy is that we won’t be seeing the videos.