(Dan Steinberg/Washington Post)
(Dan Steinberg/Washington Post)

Maryland star Stefon Diggs met the press at the Terps’ media day on Monday morning. Many people asked him questions about football. At least one person asked him about his hair.

“That’s my new haircut,” Diggs said, when asked to describe the look. “Just trying something new for camp. It’s called the Juice — the new haircut is called the Juice.”

Of course, he calls it “the Juice” after the movie “Juice,” because the haircut bears at least some resemblance to Tupac’s hair in that movie. When Diggs mentioned this to Maryland Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart recently, Stewart correctly pointed out that the movie came out before Diggs was even born.

And while Diggs said his little brother also got the same haircut and also calls it the Juice, he acknowledged that other people refer to it as the Gumby. So take your pick.

He also promised he would be keeping it all season.

(Image below via Comcast SportsNet’s Daniel Martin)

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