(Screengrab via Redskins.comTV)
(Screengrab via Redskins.comTV)

I mentioned earlier that Redskins owner Dan Snyder talked to SiriusXM NFL Radio for a few minutes this week. Those were his first public comments since training camp opened.

Turns out Snyder also talked for about 90 seconds this week with Larry Michael on Redskins.comTV. Still operating under the theory that every time Snyder speaks, it’s news, and that he speaks infrequently enough that every word is news-ish, here’s the full transcript.

(Plus, if I don’t do this now, Keim the Transcriber will beat me to it.)

Michael: A rainy day here in Richmond, and Dan Snyder, the crowds have been record-breaking, and I would think for the Redskins this has just been an outstanding camp.

Snyder: It’s been unbelievable, it’s been spectacular, and we just appreciate it. Virginia and the fans surrounding here have been great.

Michael: Are you like the players, you want to see this team against a different color jersey on Thursday night, because this has gotten ponderous day after day?

Snyder: Well, we’re ready to go a little bit. And I think it’s a good start for us in Tennessee. And just looking forward to that first preseason game.

Michael: Dan, has the magnitude of the crowds here surprised you in any way?

Snyder: It’s been overwhelming. The support here has been phenomenal. The fact that people come down from Washington, from Maryland, from Delaware, from North Carolina. I mean, everywhere. They’ve really decided to make this a special place.

Michael: How about the reaction to Robert Griffin III? Every time he makes a move the crowd cheers. It is a special feeling, I think, out here.

Snyder: Yeah. I think he and all the players have enjoyed it, and it’s been great for all of us.

Michael: Your offseason contained a celebration of the NFC East championship last year, but are you one of those guys, last year’s last year, it’s a whole different season now?

Snyder: Sure. And last year IS last year. And we think we’re improving, we think we had a heck of a draft and a great offseason. And players are in great shape, and it’s now time to get going.

Michael: One last thing about training camp here in Richmond. Fans from all over Virginia. I mean, there was a fan here from California. South Dakota. All over the United States, in fact.

Snyder: Yeah. They’re everywhere. From Hawaii. Internationally. Redskins Nation is everywhere.

Michael: Dan, good luck on the season, and we’ll see you in Tennessee Thursday night.

Snyder: Thanks Larry.