As much as I make fun of the never-ending stories about how the Washington Nationals unite liberals and conservatives in this town, I have to say, the Washington Nationals unite liberals and conservatives in this town.

The ’80s were filled with stories about how the Redskins bridged political gaps, but you’re much more likely to hear D.C.-based national pundits now go on about the Nats than the Redskins. The latest example came Monday night, when Laura Ingraham — filling in for Bill O’Reilly on Fox News — brought up the Nats during a segment on Alex Rodriguez.

“The Yankees shouldn’t play him,” she said of A-Rod. “I mean, I’m a Nats fan now. I grew up, I was a Yankees [fan]. I’m a Nats fan. I’m a Bryce Harper person. That’s where I end my baseball affection right now.”

If you can bring together Lanny Davis and Laura Ingraham, you do have something special going. As for A-Rod, while, Ingraham was not impressed.

“In the end, this is terrible for the kids who watch this game,” she said. “And I think Fay Vincent is exactly right: the message this sends out, to allow these guys to juice up and then go back to the game…it’s like an Anthony Weiner situation. I’m not texting, but maybe 12 more. One strike and you’re out….I think it’s just abysmal. It’s abominable. I don’t care how much money they’re making; they’re terrible examples for our young people.”

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I was at Maryland media day on Monday. Between the press conferences and an evening practice, Randy Edsall left the building for a brief bike ride. As seen here.

(Dan Steinberg/The Washington Post)
(Dan Steinberg/The Washington Post)

My pal Rick Snider, writing for our corporate cousins at Express, is trying to keep the Kirk Cousins Movement alive. Excerpt:

Have Sonny and Billy returned to the Washington Redskins?

There is no quarterback controversy. Robert Griffin III is the starter whenever he returns from offseason knee surgery. Kirk Cousins could be readying for a starting job elsewhere as soon as 2014.

But the Redskins clearly have two good quarterbacks — younger versions of Sonny Jurgensen and Billy Kilmer, who in the 1970s sparked the greatest quarterback divide among Washington fans.

Snider goes on to write that the urgency for Griffin’s return might lessen if Cousins plays well this month. I do not agree with this sports take.


My other pal Rich Campbell also wrote about Kirk Cousins on Tuesday, and he got this gem from Alfred Morris.

“His thing is always ‘boo-yah!’ He says ‘boo-yah!’ a lot when he throws a nice ball,” running back Alfred Morris said with a laugh. “It’s pretty hilarious to see him get amped up a little bit because normally he’s not that type of guy.”

George Washington put out this video celebrating a century of Colonials basketball.

The Washington Post was sold. Maybe you heard. Ted Leonsis blogged about it.

This is stunning news. But on reflection, quite good news for people in DC as we will continue to have a great public trust in The Washington Post. It will be managed as a utility and a public trust by a private citizen instead of as a media property within a public company.

This assures the future of The Washington Post as a journalistic enterprise, and Don Graham and Jeff Bezos – both giants and great men – did the right thing in the right way.

The Nats host Atlanta at 7 on MASN. Kind of a big one. All TV and radio listings are here.

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