Getting a Curly W tattoo is becoming something of a thing among D.C.-born athletes.

But Maryland wide receiver Deon Long has them all topped. He has two Curly W tattoos.

“The Curly W? I got it on my chest too,” Long said on Monday, when I asked about the Curly W on his arm, seen below.

So yes, I asked him if I could see it. Journalism, and all.

Anyhow, Long acknowledged that the tattoo was “the Washington Nationals symbol,” but he said he was getting the Curly W to stand for Washington the city.

“I like the Nationals,” he added. “I’m a Nationals fan. But that’s not why I got it. But I am a Nationals fan. I’m a Wizards fan. I’m a Capitals fan. I like all my teams.”

Long, of course, went to Dunbar in the District. He also has some high expectations in College Park. Via Prewitt:

There’s nothing to suggest Diggs can’t exceed his freshman-year production. He gained 10 pounds this summer and diversified his positioning, learning to play the outside in addition to the slot. He’s also surrounded by better weapons. Junior college transfer Deon Long could make the NFL leap this year with a solid season, and Nigel King might be Maryland’s biggest breakout candidate. Both will make it extremely difficult for opposing defenses to key solely on Diggs.

And for the record, Long also has a Terps tattoo.

And yeah, I probably deserved this one.