(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Maybe the most rational thing I’ve heard anyone say about the Bryce Harper-Braves-plunking imbroglio came from Jim Bowden on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN Radio.

Whew! That felt weird to type!

Anyhow, Bowden offered a level-headed and sensible take on the whole matter. Audio here.

“First of all, when Bryce Harper hit that bomb, I did NOT think he styled too much for what he did,” Bowden said. “He hit that ball a long, long way, and I’ve seen guys do a lot bigger styles than that. I think when you hit a ball that far, you have the right to do that. But for Teheran to throw at you like that? Really?

“And I liked what Harper said after the game, which basically was, We’re 14-and-a-half games out, I’m not charging the mound,” Bowden continued. “And I think that was really respectful to the game and where the Nationals are in the standings. Because you know what, if they’re a game out or two games out when that happened, Bryce would have charged the mound and probably killed him.

“Look, at the end of the day, allow these guys to style some,” Bowden said. “You know, the NFL’s taken away a lot of the celebrations on touchdowns. I think that they’ve really overdone it there. But in baseball, come on. If you hit a ball 450 feet, you have the right to style and look at it a little bit. When Big Papi hits his bomb and he does his little bat flip and looks the other way, I don’t know about you, but it pumps me up.”

Okay, take away that last sentence, and I think I agree with every word.