(Steve Helber/AP)

Niles Paul is a bit of a prankster, so I knew the Redskins tight end would have some tricks up his sleeve during training camp. “Oh, I got some guys with silly string,” he said when I asked him about it last week, but he wouldn’t elaborate.

It turns out that there’s a little more to the story, and a good reason why Paul was reluctant to tell it.

One of the guys he “got” was defensive end Dominique Hamilton, who was willing to tell me how it all went down. Hamilton, who rooms with nose tackle Chigbo Anunoby at the team hotel during training camp, was sitting in his room one night with the door cracked.

“Niles and DY [Darrel Young] came and I see them out in the hall spraying something,” Hamilton said. “It looked like a can, like Axe body spray or something. So it looked like they were just spraying it in my room and I was like, what are they doing? And they’re all, ‘Don’t worry about what we’re doing.’ And I’m like, ‘Ya’ll are dumb.'”

Hamilton and Anunoby didn’t think anything of it, until a hotel employee came knocking.

“We walked out and a security guy was coming and was like, ‘What is this?’ and we’re like, ‘What are you talking about?’ So we go look at our door and the whole door had silly string on it,” Hamilton said.

The employee asked the two innocent victims to clean it up, and Hamilton sent him to Paul.

“I basically said, ‘Yo, Niles Paul did it.’ I snitched,” Hamilton admitted. “It was all down the hallway, so I told the security guard, ‘Follow the trail, you’ll find him.’

The prank backfired, and Paul had to clean up the mess before going for Hamilton.

“He came and found me and was like, ‘This is my block. Don’t be snitching on my block,'” laughed Hamilton, who said it was all in fun. “We’re gonna get him back, though. We’ve got something planned for him.”