Sure, you’re mad at the Braves right now. You believe their employees to be the devil’s henchmen. You’re already figuring out which teams to support against them in the playoffs. Maybe this will help.

Up above is Braves reliever Scott Downs. Before Tuesday night’s game, he was playing catch with a young Nats fan in the stands.

Then the Nats fan threw his tiny glove onto the field, and Downs threw his giant glove into the stands, and they continued playing catch. Everyone clapped when the lad made a grab.

Then Downs asked for his glove back, and the tyke managed to put it into a flower bed, at which point it fell down underneath the bleachers. So Downs, with evident good humor, slithered behind the wall and went underneath the bleachers to retrieve his leather.

That seems like maybe it would have been fun for a little kid at a baseball game.

(Via @FreeWilsonRamos)