If you watch this video, you will see Davey Johnson and Bryce Harper having what appears to be a normal conversation in the dugout during the 7th inning of the Nats’ loss on Wednesday night, as Ian Desmond looks on.

You also will likely hear me cough. Dry air.

Anyhow, some people evidently thought this was an argument, including the Braves broadcasters. (And I’m not saying it wasn’t. Just not saying it was.)

“Davey’s down there airing out Bryce Harper and I don’t know why,” Joe Simpson said on the Braves television broadcast. “I don’t know if it had to do with popping out and not running it out on the out. I don’t know. But man oh man, Davey Johnson was right there on Harper. It’s a good thing that fan was on, to kind of cool things down.”

“Harper swung early in the count,” Chip Caray observed. “He saw two pitches with the Nationals down a run.”

And then they moved on. Braves fans, though, thought it was neat. Unless — and I’m being serious here — there was a more animated discussion that I missed, which is possible.









Chase Hughes, meanwhile, broke down the postgame response from the Nats clubhouse.

“I was concerned about his leg bothering him because he didn’t round the base. That was all that was about,” Johnson said. “It wasn’t bad enough to come out of the game.”

The Braves’ telecast caught Johnson and Harper talking on the bench afterwards, and it turns out it was whether the outfielder should stay in the game.

“He was checking on my leg and seeing how I felt,” Harper said. “I just told him that I felt fine and I didn’t want him to take me out of the game. I wanted to stay in the game.”

To some the back-and-forth looked like an argument, that Harper was adamant in saying he didn’t want to be taken out. But Harper disagreed that it was an animated conversation.

“No, I don’t think so. Not at all.”

So yeah.