(Courtesy of Eric Kettani)

Earlier this year, Eric Kettani made a donation to Teammates for Kids, a children’s foundation started by Garth Brooks and Troy Aikman that uses professional athletes as ambassadors. In July the Redskins fullback traveled to Nashville for a donor appreciation event, and was so inspired by Brooks and the organization that he decided to create a piece of art in tribute to the singer.

“I just wanted to do something to say thanks for what he was doing,” Kettani explained to me.

courtesy of Eric Kettani (Courtesy of Eric Kettani)

The patriotic mixed-media piece is done in Kettani’s signature style, with 3-D elements and finished with an epoxy resin. He incorporated the neck of a guitar that Kettani learned later had special meaning to Brooks.

“I had no idea until he told me that it was the first guitar he ever played on,” said Kettani. “I was like, that’s awesome.”

Kettani said that singer showcased the piece to the other donors in attendance, and the painting’s current home is on the wall in the bar area of Brooks’s home.

“It’s really an honor,” said Kettani. “He seemed to really fall in love with it.”

I mean, who wouldn’t?

In other Kettani news, teammate Donte Stallworth tweeted a photo of Kettani in his Navy dress whites on the team plane, inspiring this tweet of approval from the Department of Defense.


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