(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

I’ve heard of some weird gameday rituals, but this probably takes the cake. Redskins rookie running back Chris Thompson has a pregame superstition, and he told Monumental Sports all about it.

“I’ve been doing this since high school,” he explained. “I have to have a yellow and a red Starburst, and I eat one before the game and I put the other one in my sock. Yeah, it sounds kinda nasty, but I mean, I’ve done it ever since high school.”

In case you want to play along at home, there’s an order to be followed. He eats the yellow one before the game, and saves the red one for later.

“I do at halftime,” he said, of eating his saved good-luck charm. “It tastes the same. Actually, it doesn’t get too wet, either, because I have it right by my ankle tape under my sock, so it’s not on my leg gettin’ all wet and nasty.”