RGIII Beatbox Remix from Gatorade Productions on Vimeo.

There seems to be no limit to the demand for Robert Griffin III content, whether about his rehab, his training sessions, his off-field interests or his wedding. Even though he won’t be playing in the preseason, every press conference, practice drill and one-liner seems to wind up on the national sports networks.

Which is why we probably shouldn’t be surprised to learn that ESPN will air an hour-long special about Griffin later this month.

“RGIII: The Will to Win” will debut on ESPN on Tuesday, Aug. 27 at 7. There will also be encore presentations on ESPN2 and on ABC’s “ESPN Sports Saturday” block. The documentary — presented by Gatorade Productions, in partnership with NFL Films and ESPN — chronicles Griffin’s rookie season in Washington, the playoff loss to Seattle, his rehab from knee surgery and “more personal off-the-field moments.”

Filming took place over several months in multiple locations and has continued during Griffin’s second NFL training camp. The quarterback also shot some of the footage himself on a “self-cam,” which is partially why he’s listed as an executive producer for the film. Two NFL Films veterans — Steve Trout and Jay Jackson — are the co-directors of the documentary, which is presented in six “acts.”

Somewhat remarkably, this makes Griffin the second D.C. star this calendar year to be honored with an hour-long program on ESPN at the beginning of his second season. “Bryce Begins,” of course, also debuted on ESPN this year, also on a Tuesday night.

A promotional clip for the movie is above; we’ll have more clips and details as the debut approaches.