Martell Webster is bringing his family day to Seattle this Saturday, and he and his wife appeared on the Seattle Fox affiliate’s morning show to talk about it, with their three adorable daughters in tow.

During the interview, Webster was asked to explain why this year’s family day had a superhero theme to it.

“A perfect example of being a superhero is you ladies and mothers all out there in the stands right now and all out there in the world,” he explained, as the entire female population of Seattle swooned. “You guys are all superheroes to our kids. You’re like Superwoman. I call my wife Superwoman. She is Superwoman, definitely. So the superhero thing is more of a sense of family and understanding that parents are like superheroes, and our kids, we’re molding them into being the next superheroes.

“So the whole theme about superhero family day is more about us as parents. I think that’s what we are, and I think that’s what we wanna be to our kids. We want to be their biggest superheroes.”

And then, because it’s morning television, Webster’s best friend and head of his foundation, Huston Conti, came out in a Flash costume. Conti ran around giving high fives as a surprised Webster cracked up. It was everything you’d expect from a Martell Webster appearance. Smart basketball talk, then some heartfelt words, finished up with a display of ridiculous.

Not one to waste an opportunity, Webster did what any sane person would do in this situation. He took the Flash to Whole Foods.