Bruce Allen, Dan Snyder, Taylor Kitsch, Robert Griffin III, Peter Berg. (Arnold Silver)

If you were paying attention to social media sites on Friday night, you probably noticed that a whole bunch of Redskins were going to the movies together in Richmond.

But this wasn’t just a normal trip to the cineplex to see a mass release rom-com. (That’s next weekend.) Instead, much of the team attended an exclusive advance screening of “Lone Survivor,” the upcoming Mark Wahlberg movie about four Navy SEALS on an ill-fated mission in Afghanistan. (See the trailer here.)

And there was a bit of extra star power in the theater. In addition to the Redskins’ brain trust — including Daniel Snyder, Bruce Allen and Robert Griffin III — the screening at the Bow Tie Movieland at Boulevard Square included appearances by director Peter Berg (“Friday Night Lights,” “Battleship”) and actor Taylor Kitsch, whom you know as Tim Riggins.


Kitsch, Griffin and Berg. (Arnold Silver)

“The themes of brotherhood and teamwork coming together to battle a common opponent are very applicable to you guys,” Berg told the Redskins, according to a release. “I spent a lot of time with members of the Navy SEAL community and I can tell you they look up to [NFL players] as heroes and warriors. Know how much you mean to them.”

Berg also told the Redskins he hoped the screening “will inspire you all, as you get ready for the season to come together, be a team and look out for each other.”

“Lone Survivor” will be out in limited release on Dec. 27, and in a wider release beginning  Jan. 10.






Berg and Snyder. (Arnold Silver)