Robert Griffin III and his parents, Robert Jr. and Jackie, are featured in a video promoting the NFL’s partnership with USAA. It was filmed in RGIII’s hometown of Copperas Cove, Tex., and focused on what it was like growing up in a military family. But it wouldn’t be an RGIII video if it didn’t include proof of his athletic prowess, so interviews with his high school coaches, photos, videos and the now-famous story about pulling tires up hills were also included (video here).

Near the end is this anecdote from the Redskins quarterback about his father.

“The times that he’s shown his most emotion or said he was proud of me was times when I failed, or I felt like I failed,” said RGIII, sitting on a couch in his parents’ home. “So, I came in second and it seems real petty now, but I came in second and I was devastated. And he came to me and said, ‘I’m proud of you, son.’ And that lifted me up. And then after that I won a lot of gold medals. But I know that he’s proud of me. He doesn’t have to say it.

“See, he’s never heard me say some of this stuff, so he’s gonna start getting emotional,” RGIII laughed as his dad, sitting nearby, teared up. “Look at him, look at him.”

The video also has plenty of fun images from RGIII’s childhood, like this one below from a track meet which shows him accepting a medal in a fringed T-shirt that I’m assuming he altered himself. A slave to fashion, even then.

There’s also this high school team photo.

“I got the medium afro,” Griffin said. “Working it a little bit, not too much.”

And this one…

…which he was kind enough to recreate for the cameras.