(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)
(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

It isn’t just callers to local sports-talk stations who love to talk about all the myriad options the Redskins have with their quarterbacking quartet. National analysts love talking about it too!

Thus, there was this fun segment on Dan Patrick’s radio show Monday morning. Peter King was talking to guest host Mike Florio about the quarterbackering done by Michael Vick and Nick Foles in Philadelphia this summer.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if [Chip Kelly] uses them both,” King said.

“Wouldn’t that really open a new frontier for every coach, though?” Florio then asked. “If we could get to the point where you don’t just have one quarterback, but you have two quarterbacks that you use interchangeably, is that something that if it’s successful in Philadelphia you think other teams will copy?”

“You know Mike, I think that’s a fantastic point,” King said. “If I’m Mike Shanahan right now, I want to use Kirk Cousins, without any question. I don’t know how much I want to use him, but I DEFINITELY, absolutely want to use him some. Because every time he plays, he shows like he’s a winning NFL quarterback.

“So let’s say you’re facing a real blitz-happy team that you know is gonna hit Robert Griffin III eight or 10 more times than normal in the course of a game,” King continued. “Why not play Kirk Cousins some, to try to keep some of the heat off Robert Griffin III?”

Especially if you want to keep sports-talk callers happy.

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