Seven years ago, I sort of helped inspire a large group of D.C. United supporters to attend a Caps game. At the time, Caps games were often poorly attended and occasionally quiet, and D.C. United was rolling, and I was enamored with the club’s supporters sections, and I figured everything would be perfect.

I was, um, wrong. People in Verizon Center’s 100 level were barely conscious of the folks standing and going crazy in one tiny section of the 400s. And the neighboring sections were not impressed.

“They’re screaming and yelling to the point where you can’t even hear the announcer,” one person complained.

“They’re annoying the [bleep] out of me, write that down,” someone else shouted out. “I like to hear [bleepin’] organ music.”

“I think it’s obnoxious,” said another season ticket holder. “If I got here in the first period I would have asked to be moved to another section.”

Caps fans on message boards also found the whole thing sort of patronizing, and some took it out on me, which was all understandable. Read more about it here.

Naturally, I thought about this experience on Monday night, when Ian Desmond mused about attracting some soccer fans to Nats Park.


On the face of it, this sounds fun and merry and entirely bloggable. And many fans of both soccer and baseball responded enthusiastically to Desmond’s request.  But remember, some diehard Nats fans can’t stand the wave, because it’s a distraction. So this could go either way. Stay tuned.


You couldn’t pose a better representation of Washington’s combination of optimism and dread concerning its sports teams. (Via @skinstweeter)


Please read Adam Kilgore’s story on Davey Johnson as his managerial career winds down, because it’s terrific. Here’s a passage to remember:

“I never wanted to ever get terminated before,” Johnson said. “But if there’s a couple guys in-house and they want to see how they run a club, if these [players] don’t respond and start doing the things I know we’re capable of doing, I don’t have a problem. I think no matter what transpires here, the future is really bright here. But I want these guys to do the things I know they’re capable of — for their sake. Not for mine. I mean, hell, I shouldn’t even be considered in the equation. You know what I mean?”


Just a wide receiver and an offensive lineman, talking some late-night politics.



More football and politics!!!! Because everyone loves football. And because…politics. Anyhow, it’s Terry McAuliffe with you-know-who.

(Via @recordsANDradio)

The Nats are back. You can ignore your family again. They host the Giants at 7 on MASN. McLean also plays in the Little League softball world series at 7 on ESPN2. All TV and radio listings are here.

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