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We all know that Robert Griffin III is a competitor, and it’s to be expected that if he’s benched for any reason, he won’t be happy about it. When asked on Monday how he felt about not playing in any preseason games, this was his answer, in full.

“I can’t B.S. that answer, so no. I don’t like it,” he said. “There’s some part of it I do understand. I don’t understand all of it. But at the end of the day, [Coach Mike Shanahan] gave me his word. We talked privately. I know the plan. I’m not telling the whole plan because he doesn’t want the whole plan known. I understand that as well. But I don’t understand the whole plan at all. I can’t lie about that. But when you give your word to somebody that’s all you have, so I’m just banking that they’re gonna stay true to their word and I’m staying true to mine. I’m doing everything they ask me to do without any gripes other than with you guys, and that’s that’s how you have to do it.”

“Basically, the parts that I don’t understand is it’s been fixed. The process of my reintegration to the team has been fixed without any aspect of how I’m doing personally with my knee, with my surgery, with my knee rehab. It’s pre-determined. That’s the one thing I don’t understand. Like coach said, and he’s 100 percent right, I don’t have to understand it. I don’t have to like it. But at the end of the day, if he plays me week one and I’m ready to go then I’ll give him a salute and I’ll go play my butt off for him.”

RGIII’s obvious dissatisfaction with his rehab plan, combined with his father’s penchant for speaking his mind, have opened the door for some harsh criticism. Such as this from Jason Whitlock, whose most recent column is titled, “RGIII needs to man up and shut up.” Whitlock opined that RGIII may feel threatened by Kirk Cousins, and is reiterating his belief that the Redskins quarterback is arrogant, and is adding insecure and selfish to the list.

During last season’s playoffs, Griffin stayed on the field long after it was obvious his knee injury made him completely ineffective. I wrote a column at the time stating Griffin demanded to stay in the game because of arrogance. I should’ve pointed to arrogance, insecurity and selfishness.

He wanted the glory of leading the Redskins to victory, and he wanted to deny Cousins a role in it. Griffin’s foolishness cost Washington the game, a contest it led 14-0.

Whitlock goes on to call RGIII a ” mouthy, leverage-having quarterback” who would have complained to reporters if Shanahan had benched him. He then finished with this sharp-tongued closing.

Right now, Griffin comes across like a kid in love with drama and running his mouth. He wants to be the lead story on SportsCenter more than he wants to build a relationship of trust with his head coach.

If that’s not enough RGIII tough love for you, here’s Stephen A. Smith with his surprisingly reasonable take.

“RGIII is the franchise. RGIII is the face of this franchise,” said Smith, on Tuesday morning’s First Take. “He is too viable, too important to be in meaningless preseason games. And on top of it all, he’s coming off an ugly, nasty ACL injury. I don’t have time for his feelings, his emotions or whatever the case may be.

“And more importantly, you see that man, RGIII? You hear him talking? You see the way he articulates himself and carries himself? He is a highly intelligent young man. What do you mean, you don’t understand? It insults all of our intelligence to act like you don’t understand. You know exactly what the [heck] Mike Shanahan is doing. You just don’t like it. So you want to feign ignorance and act like you don’t know, or act like you can’t comprehend. Yes you can. You most certainly can. He is not interested in putting you in danger, and putting the Redskins season in danger because of a preseason game.”

As is always the case in situations of criticism or tyrannies of political correctness, RGIII took to Twitter to speak his mind some more.





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