(Barry Svrluga/The Washington Post)
(Barry Svrluga/The Washington Post)

The easy narrative here would be something about how the giant broken time piece at Nationals Park is emblematic of a season whose gears got jammed, a season in which expectations and reality never quite matched, a season that just seemed consistently off in some obvious and yet impossible to quantify way.

But that narrative was foiled by events on the ground. Because even as the giant clock consistently displayed all manner of incorrect times during the weekend series against the Phillies, the Nats swept those marauders right back up to Philadelphia. Or down to Atlanta, I suppose. Maybe they even made the Phillies late for their flight, due to the faulty time displayed in center field.

So I was almost glad to see that the clock was still not working as of late this afternoon. Superstition dictates that Nats fans do everything the same this week that they did on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, even if that means they aren’t able to gaze peacefully out above the field, watching one small hand and one larger one tick away the moments of their lives.

In any case, as seen here, the clock said it was it was 5:23 or so when it was actually 3:46 on Tuesday afternoon. It also said it was 5:21 or so when it was actually 7:01 on Sunday. It also said it was 3:46 or so when it was actually 7:54 on Friday. It also said it was 12:21 or so just after 7 on Friday. It also said it was 4:15 or so when it was actually, well, night. Sometimes it didn’t move at all. And so on.

A team spokesperson e-mailed me that the team is aware the clock is not working correctly, and is working on getting it fixed.

(You’ll recall the clock also broke last season. And it also broke in 2009.)

(Via @Dan2Bit)
(Via @dan2bit)