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Last month, Tony Kornheiser, Mike Wilbon and Tony Reali spent some time at the White House to have some lunch and meet with the President in the Oval Office. Thanks to Reali’s Twitter feed, we now have photographic evidence of the meeting of the minds. Well, at least two minds, because according to Reali, Wilbon and Kornheiser had no idea they were standing in the Oval Office.

Obama has said in the past that “Around the Horn” is his favorite show, and on the afternoon of the lunch, Reali recounted the events of the day and revealed the hilarious anecodote.

“You see from the outside, the Oval Office has this glow, this golden glow to it,” Reali said. “And he’s like, ‘Alright, let’s go to the mess hall,’ and it’s the three of us, and maybe three other aides. Tony orders the Presidential Crabcake, Wilbon orders the West Wing Burger and I had some fish. […] They’re getting ready to tell us about dessert and then the buzzers go off and they’re like, ‘The boss will see you now.’

“We meet him in the Oval Office and we walk in there and the first thing I see is the President and we say hello,” Reali continued. “And then I’m staring at the desk for five seconds because it’s the desk. It’s the desk and it’s like, John-John was under that desk while his dad was on the phone during the missile crisis. And then you’re looking Lincoln, who’s over on the side. Lincoln’s just staring at you. You’ve got the huge seal and on top…it’s a glorious room. And then we leave and Wilbon and Kornheiser were like, ‘Where were we? Were we in the room to get into the Oval Office?’ I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? We were in the Oval Office.'”

Assuming Reali isn’t exaggerating, that’s pretty incredible. I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen enough pictures of the Oval Office to recognize it if we’re lucky enough to be standing in it. Or at least a few episodes of “The West Wing.”

Kornheiser and Wilbon’s lack of basic White House knowledge didn’t seem to bother that day’s ATH guests. Bomani Jones was more concerned with the absence of a television in the Oval Office.

“How the President not have a flat screen in his office?” Jones asked, following Reali’s tale (video below). “It’s 2013.”

Kevin Blackistone found the President’s timing tragic.

“And you know what that cost you, Tony?” he asked. “You missed out on one of the great desserts in the history of desserts. Chocolate ice cream.”