(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

All this talk of rifts and power plays and strife and press conferences has made me overlook an annual tradition: a blog post about who the fastest Redskin is.

Last August, you’ll recall, Brandon Banks was still around, and still laying claim to that title.

“I’m way faster than [RGIII]. Way faster than him,” Banks told ESPN 980. “I’m the fastest guy on the team.”

Well, not anymore, he isn’t. So who is now?

“Hey Aldrick, You’re a fast man…but who’s the fastest guy on the team?” someone asked Robinson during his Reddit AMA on Tuesday.

“I’ll take that crown,” Robinson replied. “I’m the fastest guy on the team until I get beat. And I’m not racing anybody to find out.”

Someone else asked about a potential race with Robert Griffin III.

“Well it depends on what race,” Robinson said. “He’s more of a distance sprinter, considering the things he did in previous years. But if we were to to run the 100M or 200M I would win.”

Someone else asked Robinson how he works on his speed.

“I do toe raises every night before I get in the shower,” he replied.

And yet another Redditor asked Robinson what he’d be doing if he weren’t in the NFL.

“I would actually probably be an Olympian,” he said. “I would have pursued my dreams of running track, and I still might after football depending on how long I play.”

For the record, their NFL combine profiles suggest that Robinson ran a 4.43 in the 40, and that RGIII ran a 4.41.

Also, the worst food he eats regularly is Krispy Kreme donuts. So now you know.