(Washington Post/Associated Press)

Some folks over at the Baltimore Sun decided to put together a list of reasons why Baltimore is better than D.C. There are 100 of them, some of which don’t exactly make a great case for Charm City, such as the multiple reasons involving rats and one that just stated, “Lacrosse, yo. Lacrosse.”

The list is in slideshow form, and more than a few of the items on the list take a shot at Washington sports. I went through all 100 slides and pulled those out for your convenience. Clearly Baltimore wins at getting D.C. sports bloggers to donate 100 page views to the cause. (Although, they do have a point about waiting in line for an hour for cupcakes.)

95. Chris Davis.

94. Also, Chris Davis doesn’t have a brohawk. Bryce Harper, stop.

79. With its red bricks and open spaces, Oriole Park at Camden Yards gives us a big hug. Nationals Park, all concrete, metal and glass, gives a cold shoulder to D.C.

49. Cal Ripken is 2,632 times better than any D.C. sports figure.

44. The Raven, an intellectual literary allusion. The Redskin, an antiquated racial epithet.

42. D.C. has the Caps. Three words: Baltimore Lingerie League. Would you rather pay to watch grown men or scantily clad women duke it out?

34. Way to steal our basketball team and then replace the intimidating Bullets franchise with the completely terrifying Wizards brand.

27. Note to D.C. athletes: You show your Baltimore pride every time you put on anything Under Armour. Keep it up.

10. The Redskins last won the Super Bowl in 1991. Also in 1991, the Gulf War began.

7. Our football stadium is actually in our city.

Beg to differ? Post your (sports-related) reasons why D.C. is better in the comments below.