It’s not uncommon for tempers to flare in a dugout, but I think we can all agree that Gio Gonzalez gets brave points for taking on Jayson Werth.

The spat between the two started when Werth confronted Gonzalez for not covering first fast enough on a double play attempt. James Wagner has details of the play here.

During the television replay of the argument, F.P. Santangelo speculated that we’d “all find out what happened after the game,” but unfortunately mum was the word during postgame interviews. Werth declined to comment and Gonzalez only offered, “It stays between me and Werth.”

Peacemaker Davey Johnson brushed off the altercation and stood up for Gonzalez in his postgame presser.

“Jayson sometimes can get a little vocal,” Johnson said. “He thought Gio was a little late covering first. And he was. But he falls toward third. With a bad back and falling toward third, he couldn’t get over there.”

Angry face isn’t unusual for Werth, but I think that’s the most riled up I’ve ever seen Gonzalez.