Chris Cooley’s relationship with the Redskins players is going to be a big asset to ESPN 980, and Tuesday’s call with Logan Paulsen during “The Drive” is a perfect example of this. The two tight ends spent the 10-minute interview trading stories about the good ‘ol days, like the time Paulsen once ate canned chicken in Cooley’s car. Or when Paulsen got a broken nose because Cooley switched his face mask. Good times.

Near the end of the interview (which you should definitely listen to), came this tale about the time Paulsen almost beat the heck out of Cooley.

“It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, or whatever time it was, and the door to my bedroom bursts open,” Paulsen began. “This is my apartment. Where I lived. This was my home. Two shadowy figures just explode into the room. I’m like, oh my goodness. This is where the crime element of Ashburn, of Loudoun County, Virginia, and I’m about to go down right now, so I’m gonna fight for my life. So I just start swinging. I kick one dude, the other guy’s on top of the bed and I pin him down and I’m like, literally, I’m gonna punch this dude in the head until he dies.”

This Dude turned out to be Cooley and his cousin, who were playing an ill-advised joke on Paulsen.

“Logan’s pass-catching [hands] are around my neck and I’m like, ‘It’s me! It’s me!'” Cooley said.

Here’s the full interview. Come for the bro-ness, stay for the moment in the story that Cooley accidentally replaces “hands” with another body part.



The always chill Davey Johnson, on Jayson Werth and Gio Gonzalez’s dugout spat:

“Oh, just a little camaraderie going on. Spirits are high. I like it. No big deal.”

The more realistic answer, via Adam LaRoche:

“We’re around each other all day long, and occasionally some tempers are going to flare.”

Wilson Ramos gunning down Madison Bumgarner in the third was pretty incredible.


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