(Old image via CSNWashington.com)

As you already know, Donovan McNabb was on the LaVar and Dukes Show on 106.7 The Fan on Wednesday afternoon to discuss another radio segment he did on a different network about a meeting he never had with RGIII.

And while that was all well and good, there was another looming issue that, despite being several years old, still fascinates many D.C. sports fans. Yes, I speak of Wristband Gate.

Sure, that whole media flap — which was kicked off by the Junkies, on that same radio station — happened more than two years ago. But people still talk about it, and I can’t remember McNabb discussing the allegations (that he refused to wear a play-calling wristband) in much depth.

“Could you clear up what went on with the whole wristband thing?” Chad Dukes asked near the end of Wednesday’s interview. (Listen to it here.) “We get asked about that 100 times a day. We don’t want to speak for you. Did you refuse to wear the wristband? Was it a huge deal? Was it blown up by the media? What was the deal with that?”

“It was blown up by the media,” McNabb said. “And if you recall me back in Minnesota, I wore a wristband back in Minnesota. So you have to understand: I didn’t wear a wristband through the NFL while I was in Philadelphia, and I wasn’t a fan of the wristband. See, this is the thing that people want to look at, because all of a sudden they make that as a key component of why I wasn’t in Washington [for a second season].

“I would have loved to stay in Washington and come into my second year under the offense and with the guys, and be able to develop into that offense,” McNabb went on. “But it just didn’t happen. The whole wristband deal was blown way out of proportion. You know, as a head coach, if you want to have your quarterbacks wear wristbands, you bring out wristbands for your quarterbacks, right?

“So if [there] was wavering  — well, maybe we should do wristbands, well, what do you think? – if you ask me, I’m gonna say I’ve never worn a wristband in the NFL, and didn’t like it when I had to wear it in college. But it’s something you deal with to get the team going so we can win football games. I went to Minnesota and had a wristband.”

Fine, fine, fine. But what really happened with Adam Archuleta??????