(Screengrab via MASN)
(Screengrab via MASN)

Remember when there was a stupid thing between me and Michael Wilbon, and I wrote way too many words about it, attempting to mount a passionate defense of my readers, who overwhelmingly seem to have born around here, and still live around here, and kinda like it around here? As part of my argument, I needed to pick the names of a couple local high schools to reference, and one that I used was W.T. Woodson.

I did this out of some vague sense that I have lots of readers who went there, but still, the feedback surprised me. I got what felt like dozens of responses — on e-mail, via Twitter, in the comments section, even in person — from W.T. Woodson grads, who were especially proud of their school, I suppose.

In fact, I think Woodson must be among the schools that’s produced the most per-capita Bog readers, along with O’Connell, Paul VI Catholic, the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, and every public high school in Rockville.

That being the case, I could hardly ignore the fact that Ian Desmond wore a W.T. Woodson hoodie when addressing the local media inside a happy clubhouse Wednesday night. That’s as Washington a move as reaching out to the Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles on Twitter, which Desmond also did this week.

Desmond later explained that he had been named an honorary member of the school’s baseball team.

James Wagner noted that Desmond picked out the sweatshirt in front of the media crowd, telling them it had been a gift from a kid. Meanwhile, a Woodson father sent along this note, along with a photo of his son and Desmond in New York.

What’s the next move? Commencement speaker in 2014?

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