(Via Vimeo, via Gatorade Productions)

Remember the Redskins draft party at FedEx Field, when Robert Griffin III did jumping jacks and addressed the crowd? Among his sound-bites was this, when asked about the best moments from his rookie season:

“You’ve got to start with the last game against the Cowboys,” Griffin said. “Alfred Morris runs for 200 yards, does a great job. Then we go back to the game on Thanksgiving and we spanked the Cowboys.” There was also something about making Cowboys Stadium “our home.”

Within the next couple of days, Cowboys fans fired back at Griffin, and he wound up tweeting that weird “tyranny of political correctness” thing, which I still think was connected in some way to the Dallas talk.

Anyhow, as the wedding gifts rolled in during the offseason, the happy couple also received this bit of blue and white pottery seen above: a Dallas Cowboys mug.

This fun little scene is the latest bit of content previewing “RGIII: The Will to Win,” the one-hour documentary that will air on ESPN on Aug. 27 at 7. The movie is a joint creation of Gatorade Productions, NFL Films and ESPN; read more about it here, and see the trailer here.

“This must be a joke,” his then-fiancee says. “We got a nice gem of a gift.”

“As much love as there is out there, there’s a lot of hate,” Griffin says, and then reads the note.

Heard you were bragging about spanking the Cowboys; thought you could use a Dallas Cowboys mug to drown your sorrows after we whip you this year.

“He’s from Florida,” Griffin notes.

“So what we’re gonna do is see if anyone would like this cup,” Rebecca says.

“We’re gonna donate it to charity,” Griffin adds.