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After a week of seemingly needless drama, a whole bunch of Redskins fans have been pleading with Robert Griffin III to just stop saying things for a little while, maybe. An alternate strategy would be for him to sit down with ESPN’s Hannah Storm for one of the network’s “Sunday Conversation” segments.

ESPN was already promoting the interview on “SportsCenter” Thursday evening and Friday morning.

“Usually when there’s this much talk about issues in Washington, it’s politics,” anchor Stan Verrett began. “But in this case the filibuster is about Robert Griffin III and his knee — and relationships on the Redskins form an interesting backdrop to the chatter. The Washington Post reported last year that owner Daniel Snyder was considering an extension for Mike Shanahan after last season. But now Shanahan’s entering the fourth year of his five-year deal with no extension. Griffin is the face of the franchise, and close to Snyder. He’s not going anywhere. So Shanahan’s future could hinge on working with Griffin. Griffin spoke with Hannah Storm.”

“You felt it was necessary to come out and really clarify your relationship with him, that there was a perception of a rift between the two of you guys. Why did you feel a need to do that?” Storm asked.

“I just didn’t want anyone to think that the opinion that I voiced, it’s not like I just came up there and said my opinion and no one asked,” Griffin answered. “They asked me what I thought of the plan, and I told them honestly, if it was up to me, if it was my way or the highway, then it’d be something different. But that’s not how it is. You have to respect authority, and I have. If coach asks me to do something, I do it. If he says don’t do that, then I haven’t done it. And I felt like I needed to come out and just let everybody know that this is not a problem, it’s not an issue, because that’s not what our team needs. And I think that point was got across.”

“How would you describe your relationship with your coach?” Storm then asked.

“I mean, we both want to win,” Griffin said. “The coaches, they do a great job of what they do. They blessed me and put me in a great opportunity last year with this team to go out there and do what I do best, and that’s lead, and win, win football games. So when you all have a common goal, you can put all the differences aside, or whatever. You’re not thinking the same ways on certain things. We all want to win. Coach wants me to be healthy, I want to be healthy, and that’s what this plan’s about, so that’s what you do.”

“Why does it seem like this story’s not over yet?” one of the anchors then asked.

“Because it’s not,” the other said.

The Post Sports Live crew discusses whether Robert Griffin III should have said that he disagreed with coach Mike Shanahan's plan for his rehab. (The Washington Post)