Late in Washington’s preseason win over Pittsburgh on Monday night, Robert Griffin III joined ESPN’s Lisa Salters on the sidelines for a rather lengthy chat. Here’s a quick transcript:

On having fun during warmups: “Football’s a fun sport, but when you suffer an injury, you don’t get to be out there with everybody. To feel healthy like I do and just get back out there with them, it brightens my day, so I just have fun with it.”

On his timetable for being cleared: “You know, right now, it could come up to the Sunday before the game. There’s no rush. It’s just about us all being on the same page. And I already actually talked to [Dr. James Andrews], and we met. He says everything looks good, we’ve just got to keep going from here.”

On whether a decision would come on Monday: “There’ll be no decision. We’ll just keep going with it, see what happens. Right now we’ve just got to make sure we win this game.”

On Andrews watching the pregame workout: “It felt good. It felt good. I wanted him to see that. He needs to be here to see me. He’s been busy saving lives, kissing babies. He’s real impressed with what’s going on, and all the guys that have been coming back from injury all look really well.”

On concerns about not getting live work in the preseason: “You just need to lean on what I did last year, lean on that experience. Any time I have a question about how it’s gonna feel during the game, I have a comparable feeling from last year, and that’s what I have to go off of. Coach is confident in me and I’m confident as well.”

On his statement last week: “I had to call that, because people were taking the words from the previous press conference and taking it way out of hand, and that’s not what this team needs. They need their leader and their coach to be on the same team, and that’s what we are. So my relationship with coach is great, we talk on the daily, and that’s that.”

On running the read option: “What happened last year was a learning experience for all of us. There’s no worries for me. If teams are gonna give that to us we’ll take it. I feel healthy enough to run it, and like I told him, I can still hit turbo.”

On moving forward: “I’m just glad to get back out there with the team, and let’s go win a championship.”