If you tuned in late to the Redskins’ second preseason game on Monday night, you might have missed the newsiest few minutes, when sideline reporter Lisa Salters delivered the mandatory RGIII report: (Our Mark Maske also has a similar report.)

“Redskins owner Dan Snyder has told us that the decision about when Robert Griffin III will be cleared to play will be up to team orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews,” Salters said. “And it will be Andrews’s decision alone. And Robert Griffin knows that, because he told me so. He was out here earlier pre-game, working out, and was just downright giddy. He was singing, dancing as he was working out. …

“At one point, when he was switching sides of the field, he just went sprinting down the field. And Dr. Andrews was watching from the sideline, and the doctor’s reaction was priceless — he just started laughing out loud as if to say ‘Wow, look at what this guy is doing.’

“So the decision belongs to Dr. Andrews, but Robert Griffin is fully expecting to be cleared for Week 1. And this guy has a lot of confidence, he has a lot of swag. As he was heading back into the locker room after the workout, he ran by me and said ‘You guys need me to show you anything else?’ As if to say ‘I’m ready, let’s do this.’ “

Photos from Monday night: