When your team is still nearly 10 games out of the final wild-card spot and it’s almost September, you have to find amusement where you can. Thursday evening, F.P. Santangelo found it in the press box.

A high-flying foul ball was grabbed by a Chicago beat writer, which led Santangelo to ruminate on whether his D.C. chums might have made such a play.

“Nice play,” he said. “Their beat writers are so much better than our beat writers, making that play. There’s no way Zuckerman has that, no way Kolko or Amanda Comak, they’re not making that play, sorry. Adam Kilgore’s not here; he might have had a chance.”

“Man, one foul ball, four people called out,” Bob Carpenter observed.

“Yup,” Santangelo agreed. “Can’t leave James Wagner out of there, he wouldn’t have made that play either. Sorry.”

Of course, the beat writers quickly responded as only beat writers can: with Tweets.





Meanwhile, the Cubs broadcast also paid attention to the heroic ball-catching Cubs writer, affording national viewers the opportunity to watch James Wagner chew gum.

(Via Garrett and Paul.)