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Ewing with some fans at Georgetown. (Via @kevinobriensj)

Last time Patrick Ewing had a child attending Georgetown, it was big news. That’s because Patrick Ewing Jr., of course, was a star basketball player who shared his father’s name.

(Via @ellystras) Ewing with a fan. (Via @ellystras)

The Hoyas legend’s youngest daughter arrived on campus this month, and I hadn’t heard the news until Georgetown students began excitedly noticing the one-time center around campus this weekend.

This was not exactly your normal father-helping-freshman-daughter situation, not when the father in question is the leading rebounder and second-leading scorer in school history.

As several of these students mentioned, running into Ewing on the Hilltop isn’t a horrible way to begin your college career. Now they just need Dikembe Mutombo to be their freshman comp teacher or something.

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