If it’s August, you want to be interviewing Rex Grossman.

Two years ago, of course, he said the Redskins were ready to take over the NFC East. Three years ago, he talked at length about how explosive the Redskins offense would be, while also telling Dave Ross that his wife calls him Sexy Rexy. And this year, Larry Michael and Sonny Jurgensen of the Redskins Radio Network caught up with Grossman in a victorious locker room Saturday night. Jurgensen pointed out that these Redskins have a lot of talent.

“A LOT of talent,” Grossman agreed. (Video here.) “I mean, there’s gonna be a lot of tough battles, but what really matters, the first team? A damn good football team. The offensive line all play together well, they know exactly what to do, they’re ahead of the calls. The communication all the way from Trent to Tyler, everybody communicates well. They’re just playing about as good as I’ve ever been around.”

“You seem very excited,” Michael noticed. “What makes you so excited about this team right now, because you are excited right now?”

“Well yeah, [bleep], it’s postgame, I just got done playing football, it’s fun,” Grossman explained. “You start in OTAs and then culminating in the third preseason game and everybody’s playing well and being happy, it’s just fun. I enjoy myself.”

Jurgensen then said something about how many tough cuts Mike Shanahan would have to make.

“There’s gonna be some tough cuts, and there’s gonna be a lot of people that don’t make this team that are gonna be on other teams,” Grossman said. “For the most part, the guys that are gonna be out there, our offensive line, receivers, Robert, the running backs, it’s gonna be a hell of a year.”

He was not asked about his nickname.

Two of Mike Shanahan’s greatest stars, together again. Via @primetimereds.

(Via @primetimereds)


Is this sacrilegious or awesome? You be the judge.


Seriously, Fairfax County, what the heck is this? Via Karl.


Bryce Harper’s brother continues to have just the most majestically awesome mustache in pro sports.


Mike Wise talked to some Nats about who should be the next manager. Not surprisingly, there was strong support for staying internal. Here’s Tyler Clippard:

“It’s one of the things where I’m glad it’s not my decision. But, at the same time, I think it’s best if you have a guy that knows the ins and outs of the organization and knows what we’re trying to do. I think that helps. I love Randy Knorr. I love Trent. I love Cat [pitching coach Steve McCatty] and Schu [hitting coach Rick Schu]. It would definitely be an easier transition if somebody is part of the group, part of the organization — and has been for a long time.”

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