(Via Fox Sports 1)

Like it or not, Wale has taken his place as one of the unofficialish spokespersons for D.C. sports, at least in the day-time television world. He fulfilled his duties again last week, when Regis Philbin had him as a guest on Fox Sports 1’s Crowd Goes Wild, where he was tasked with picking a Super Bowl matchup.

“I mean, I’m a homer,” he said. “I’ve got to go with my Skins first and foremost in the NFC. I think we’ve got a good strong team. And the Patriots. Forgive me if I’m being a homer, but you know how that is. The Redskins are gonna win.”

Later, he was asked to describe the brilliance of John Wall in seven words or less.

“Quick, instinctive, passionate, stubborn, athletic, leader,” he said, before adding dedication to the list. “I was in the gym with him yesterday.”

Finally, Regis asked Wale what makes Robert Griffin III the NFL’s best quarterback. Incidentally, look at me. Right now. I’m doing a blog item about how a local rapper was telling an 82-year talk show host why an injured second-year player is the best quarterback in the world, with his argument featuring references to Uno and Dominoes. Oh, right, you haven’t gotten to that part yet. Read on.

He’s got the same, like, sickness that a lot of the greats got, where they’re overly dedicated,” Wale explained. “Like Michael Jordan. If you play Griff in Uno, he’s gonna be mad if you beat him. He ain’t gonna talk to you for a week. If you beat him in Dominoes he ain’t gonna talk to you for a week, until he learns some new tricks. He’s just obsessed with winning.”

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