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Steve Trout and Jay Jackson, co-directors of “RGIII: The Will to Win,” made a Skype appearance on today’s “Post Sports Live” about the documentary (maybe you’ve heard of it?), which chronicles the Redskins quarterback’s recovery from knee surgery and his return to the field. The film premieres tonight at 7 p.m.

Trout and Jackson talked about how the documentary came about, how genuine and introspective Griffin is, and some other stuff, but more importantly, they talked about THE WEDDING.

Asked whether we’d be getting a glimpse of Griffin’s wedding to Rebecca Liddicoat in July, Trout promised at least some footage of the heavily googled event.

“What we have, I think, is a perfect combination, because here’s the thing: It’s still Robert and Rebecca’s wedding,” Trout said. “And I’m not sure their vows, or their ‘You can kiss the bride’ should be on national television. But we’re with him all day long, in his hotel room for those intimate moments between him and his lifelong friends, telling stories… You’re not gonna see the intimate moments of the ceremony, and we made a decision not to show that because we’re still trying to respect their privacy. But with that trust, and why Robert allowed us as flies on the wall, in that hotel room on the wedding day, I think, is a treat you won’t get anywhere else.”

You can see the interview, plus Dan’s thoughts on the RGIII overexposure and Mike Wise rapping, below.

Post Sports Live's Jonathan Forsythe talks to NFL Films' Steve Trout and Jay Jackson about their upcoming film on Robert Griffin III's recovery during the 2013 offseason and his return to the field. Trout and Jackson are co-directors of "RGIII: The Will to Win," which premieres at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. (Post Sports Live/The Washington Post)