“RGIII: The Will to Win” debuted on ESPN tonight. The documentary, presented by Gatorade Productions, chronicled Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s love of Gatorade.*

We got an earlier taste of Griffin’s relationship with the sport drink in a promotional clip released last week, but the full hour-long film gave us the complete picture. So here are 10 things we learned:

1. He likes the yellow kind.

2. He likes the blue kind.

3. He likes the red kind.

4. He likes the clear kind.

5. He likes the orange kind.

6. He likes the orange kind in social settings.

7. He likes the lighter blue kind.

8. He likes the chewy kind.

9. He likes- Oh my god, is that water? IS THAT FIJI WATER?! Move along, nothing to see here.

10. He hates the purple kind. (No, he didn’t actually say he hates the purple kind, but if RGIII liked the purple kind he certainly would have been provided with it and shown drinking it during the hour-long documentary presented by Gatorade. So, RGIII hates the purple kind.)

*There were also some other topics covered in the documentary, like Griffin’s rehab from knee surgery. We’ll probably get to writing about that stuff at some point.