Nats fans have been sort of divided on whether or not to give up on 2013, at least until the past week. But those same fans have seemed fairly united that better days are ahead — that many things (including some roster decisions) broke badly this season, but that the core talent is too good to play .500 baseball indefinitely.

Marlins fans, on the other hand, evidently believe that this is just a mediocre, .500 team. At least according to this web poll conducted by the Marlins television broadcast on Tuesday night, he wrote, while suddenly realizing that exponentially more people are likely reading this sentence than voted in that poll, even bearing in mind that virtually no one is likely reading this sentence.

Oh well. What’s done is done. Regardless of Twitter polls, or ill-conceived blog items, the Marlins are now tasked with an important job: continuing to be terrible over the next few weeks, when the Nats will face them nine times in 25 games. #NatCanDo.

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Scott Boras, asked by reporters about the possibility of a three-year deal to take Stephen Strasburg through arbitration eligibility:

“I’m more into 12-year deals for young players,” Boras replied. “The M.O. is, you want to keep them in the franchise, and you want to be there for the fans and be a marquee for them. So why not?”

We will do a comprehensive round-up of expert picks at some point, but the CBS Sports Expert Type Person picks are out, and they’re coolish on Washington. Of seven Expert Type Persons, only two chose Washington to make the playoffs, both via division title. None picked Washington to advance to the Super Bowl. Three picked Washington to finish third in the NFC East.

Via ESPN 980 on Facebook, Red Zebra Broadcasting announced an extension for Thom Loverro through 2015. “In addition, Loverro will expand his current roll with Red Zebra Broadcasting by co-hosting a weekly baseball only show on SportsTalk570,” the posting says. “I’m back, baby,” Loverro wrote on Twitter. “Beer and cigars for two more years.”

Here’s a kid with a giant RGIII head on his real head. Unless this possibly is his real head. His enormous love for Robert Griffin III, in that scenario, would have caused his own head to fall off and a giant RGIII head to grow in its place. (Via @pearlbullets.)

The Nats host the Marlins at 7 on MASN2. The Mystics are on NBA TV at 7. All TV and radio listings are here.

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