What we have right here is a trifecta, with three misidentified Redskins players in one handy graphic during tonight’s preseason game against Tampa Bay.

This is rarer than a sweet-potato fry Jesus. See below:

(via @Ginger_Vitis_)

Evan Royster? Nope, that’s Alfred Morris. Niles Paul? Nope, that’s Darrel Young. Leonard Hankerson? Nope, that’s Pierre Garcon. Pretty impressive.

This misidentification trifecta has been brought to you by the Redskins Broadcast Network via NBC/Comcast SportsNet, and Bud Light.

Update: Kevin Matthews is looking an awful lot like Stephen Bowen here, but four out of five ain’t bad.

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(Thanks to @Ginger_Vitis_ and @tomcblock and @mdw1388)