(Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)
(Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

I don’t know if other cities are constantly comparing the media coverage and fan interest in their local NFL franchise to the coverage and interest in their baseball, basketball or hockey teams, but I know for sure it happens here. Thus, the recent kerfuffle when Bryce Harper urged D.C. sports fans not to turn their focus squarely on the gridiron just yet.

“I think just because football season’s coming up. We’re still in it,” he told CSN Washington’s Mark Zuckerman. “Having the support is really going to help us in this last month, and I think fans know that. Guys feed off the crowd and feed off the fans. They’ve got a whole winter to watch RGIII. I think we’re all looking forward to that, but we could possibly get into the playoffs and go farther from there.”

Well, the Nats are indeed winning games at a fairly impressive rate lately. And their health and offensive performance and upcoming schedule indicate that yeah, they are still in it. Thus, MASN’s Bob Carpenter riffed on Harper’s thoughts as the Nats were in the process of closing out a series sweep Thursday night.

F.P. Santangelo: Skipper’s smiling. How many times have you seen that lately?

Carpenter: A lot more lately than in the month or two before that.

Santangelo: Everybody’s smiling. What in the world is going on? Whatever it is, I like it….

[Final out recorded]

Carpenter: And the Nats seem to be sending a message that it’s not football season just yet.

Santangelo: Still got a pulse, still got a heartbeat.  Offense is swinging the bats, Gio Gonzalez getting the job done, Jayson Werth turning into a serious beast late in the season, and the Nats showing some heavy metal here, winning 9-0 with 12 more hits.

Carpenter: A decisive three game sweep, and this ballclub is very much alive.

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