(Jonathan Newton/Washington Post)

We’ve probably published eight or nine thousand words concerning Robert Griffin III’s health just on this blog. The Post has produced exponentially more. The world, as a whole, has produced hundreds of thousands of typed words on the topic, as well as countless televised thoughts, plus whatever it is Skip Bayless does.

Much of this has focused on the process of medically clearing Robert Griffin III for the opener, even though all of us have known for weeks, if not months, that he would be medically cleared for the opener.

I still think you should click on every single headline we produce on this topic, just to be nice, but I have to admit that Jon Gruden has a compelling counter-argument. The Monday Night Football analyst was on an ESPN conference call Thursday morning, and I asked him what he’s made of the whole clearance process.

“Robert Griffin is such a popular figure, everybody wants to know if he’s playing, when he’s playing,” Gruden responded. “But personally, I know Robert Griffin and I’ve anticipated him being the opening‑day starter for some time. So I really don’t pay attention. No disrespect to a lot of the reports, whether it be Twitter or texts or TV reports or radio. Just knowing Robert Griffin and the work that he’s put in, I expected him all along to be the opening‑day starter. I’d be surprised if he isn’t….I try not to get overwhelmed with all this reporting on when or if he’s going to play. I have a confidence that he will.”

I mean, think about how much more free time you would have had this summer had you followed Gruden’s advice.