I remember how excited D.C. was when Major League Baseball finally decided to turn this town back into a Major League City. Because being a Major League City doesn’t just mean you get 81 home dates a year. It means your city’s name is in the standings, your city’s children can have a ballcap to be proud of, your city’s beer drinkers can have a logo on their lite beer cans, and your city’s weirdos can create giant costumes of former Presidents and then parade around with uncertain motives.

Seriously, what is with this place? Have you heard about the giant Woodrow Wilson who showed up at Nats Park during the last homestand? Well, it wasn’t affiliated with the team.

“The Nationals have not added any new mascots and are not responsible for the actions or materials distributed by unofficial mascots outside Nationals Park,” the team said in a statement, when I asked about ol’ Mr. 28.

As for Wilson, I haven’t exactly reached out to him for comment yet, but Let Teddy Win provided a helpful link to the Beat Woody Facebook page — “I ran for President and won. Now I am running all over the Washington metropolitan area, covering the streets of the nation’s capital and its surroundings,” reads the bio on the site, which is barely two weeks old.


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“Great to see all you wonderful Nationals and Mets fans this evening!” the long dead Progressive wrote on Sunday night. “We totally enjoyed hanging with you and getting to know you. We’d like to come back to Nats Stadium soon, maybe to race the Nationals Presidents but first we need to go into intense training. Last time I ran in a presidential race, I beat both Teddy Roosevelt and William Taft. Maybe a rematch? They may not want to get beat by me again. But first, more training.”

Do you know more about this mystery? Please share.

Meanwhile, as reader @RyanJKelly discovered, looks like a certain 26th president has taken some damage to the noggin. This season can’t end soon enough.

(All praise to @LetTeddyWin for discovering this first.)

(Via @RyanJKelly)