This morning, Dan brought your attention to a sentiment expressed by Robert Griffin III that the story of his rehab had turned into something terrible. Well, here’s some more fuel for that hatefire. Oh, and Donovan McNabb is involved, obviously.

McNabb and Andy Roddick were on a discussion panel on Fox Sports Live, and the conversation turned to RGIII when host Charissa Thompson asked why the Redskins quarterback is always in the headlines.

“Well, because he inserts himself in it,” said McNabb. “And that’s the whole thing about it is, one thing you have to understand at the quarterback position, just take a look at what Peyton’s doing. Take a look at what Drew Brees is doing. Some of these experienced players who have been in this league, it’s not about you, it’s about the team. And focus on what you need to do in order to get back out on the football field.

“This is an important year no matter how you look at it for that football team. If they can’t do what they did last year and they find themselves at 8-8 and not in the playoffs?”

Gabe Kapler, who was also on the panel, brought up the salient point that the media talks about it because fans seem to care about it. Roddick was less forgiving.

“I don’t like him needing to be the center of attention in a team game,” said Roddick. “You know, Donovan mentioned that there was always cameras throughout the entire rehab process. We had, like, a day-to-day update on it. I just don’t think he needs to talk as much. You don’t have to comment on everything. If Donovan says something, he feels the need to comment about it.”

And if RGIII comments about it, media folks feel the need to comment about it. And if media folks comment about it, then RGIII feels the need to comment about it. And round and round we go.

Since it’s clearly not okay for RGIII to talk about himself too much, here’s some other people talking about RGIII too much.

Jim Rome, on “CBS Sports Minute” (via CBS DC)

“Are you sick of hearing about RGIII’s knee yet? Well I’ll tell you who’s not: RGIII. He tweeted that he has been cleared to play in the opener. Quote: ‘Operation Patience complete. Cleared. To God be the glory,’ and he included a nice Photoshop that he probably had locked and loaded from the very second he rolled off the operating table.

“Look, if I didn’t know any better, I would say that Bob Griffin really likes the attention and the hero-worship that he gets from coming back from that injury. You know, a commercial campaign, dozens of unnecessary press conferences and a celebratory chest-pounding tweet. And suddenly all that speculation that he really was all about himself and not the team while in college, doesn’t seem all that whack, because while nearly every other guy in the NFL refuses to talk about their injuries, this guy won’t shut up about his.”

Phil Simms, on SiriusXM’s NFL Radio

“RGIII. How’d you like to be Kyle Shanahan right now? You’re like, going, ‘Oh my gosh. What am I gonna do? I can’t run him, I gotta protect him. I’m nervous, he hasn’t repped, really, with the team. I’m talking about, all the practices are really going well when he’s there.’ Have you seen those practices on TV? It’s basically, don’t anybody move. RGIII drops back and throws it down the field. Literally, nobody moves on the defensive side. So it resembles nothing like a practice. So they’re in a tough quandary down there in Washington. I’m interested to see how that works out.”