(Via Garrett)
(Via Garrett)

Here’s a slight change-up from our usual fare of People Doing Things Besides Watching Baseball At Nats Park.

For while this guy is not watching baseball at Nats Park — he’s doing a fantasy football draft — no one else is, either. The Sunday night game between the Mets and Nats had ended. And yet our friend pressed on, determined to select his backup kicker before the lights went out, or security intervened, or evil bats descended from the heavens, or whatever would have happened.

I don’t actually know how this story ends. But in my mind, it never does. It’s just frozen here, a moment in time, darkness enveloping the empty ballpark, as one man and his bright and humming companion wrestle with inner demons, and also the choice between Alex Henery and Ryan Succop.

And now, for some more distracted fans.




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