Are you tired of the he-said he-said he-said he-said offseason? Do the semantics of each knee-related quote make you want to tear the metaphorical ligaments that connect your brain to your ear drum? Does each mention of Dr. James Andrews send you straight to the Dorito bowl, whence you mainline Cool Ranch powder directly into your central nervous system? Are you anxious to watch actual NFL football games, featuring the same quarterback who started Washington’s last actual NFL football game?

Well, you still have to wait a week. Sorry. For the rest of you, here’s Chris Cooley, reading between the lines on Friday afternoon, when the Shanahan-Andrews concerns were at peak concern.

“Everyone is tired of the situation, but it’s something to talk about,” Cooley said on his ESPN 980 show. “It’s the second headline on So we’re absolutely going to talk about it. But I’ll tell you exactly how I feel about it, and I’m going to promise you that I’m right. I’m going to say that I am right. No questions asked. If you want to believe it, you can believe it.

“Everyone came out – Mike, Robert, Dr. Andrews – and said what they had to say,” Cooley continued. “They tried to be as politically correct as they could be. There might have been something going on three weeks ago between Mike and Robert, in terms of do I really believe that he’s going to let me play. Robert has gotten better. Robert’s healthier. I talked to him today, and he said ‘They’ve just taken something great and turned it into something terrible.’

“What he did, in terms of getting healthy, was tremendous,” Cooley said. “It was an amazing accomplishment, not only for himself, but for this football team. Mike Shanahan has said everything he needed to say politically correct. But this situation has gotten so big, that even if it was politically correct, we can write it down and say what can we make out of this? What can we do with this?…It’s just gotten to the point where no one here knows how to deal with this. No one knows how to handle it.”

“They’ve just taken something great and turned it into something terrible,” is a wistful and sad said quote, a quote from the pre-Twitter age, when this story’s contours would likely have had a slightly softer edge.

Anyhow, football approaches.

(Photo by Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. His caption? “Redskins team doctors and Dr. Andrews reenact the Beatles’ famous ‘Abbey Road’ cover.”)