(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

At the beginning of the Nats season, Ian Desmond and Ross Detwiler gave Kurt Suzuki a bonsai tree. Suzuki was born in Hawaii and is a fourth-generation Japanese-American, so it was a weird assumption that the catcher would know what to do with it. It was also an incorrect assumption, as Desmond tweeted in August that the little tree wasn’t doing so well.



After firing Suzuki (who was traded back to the Oakland A’s on Aug. 22), Desmond learned that the art of Bonsai isn’t as easy as he thought.


Unfortunately, there were no responses from any Bonsai experts, so the tree may be doomed. Next time, try a puppy, guys.

UPDATE: Desmond tweeted out an unfortunate update Friday afternoon. R.I.P., bonsai.