Let’s take a break from RGIII Day to laugh at some Eagles fans, shall we?

Finding fans of a team to respond seriously to fake facts about said team is a classic bit. Chris Lingebach, the man behind this video, introduced it like so (warning, link in the tweet will go an uncensored version): “#Redskins fans have long been accused of being delusional. These #Eagles fans will make that seem laughable.”

The Eagles fans he refers to include Reggie from Philadelphia, who is devastated, appalled and livid about Riley Cooper’s nonexistent suspension. Or Mr. Orange Beard (not his real name, I don’t think), who agrees with the NFL’s decision to fine Cooper any time he uses any word that starts with “N” in a press conference.

For the record, you could do the same thing here and find some Redskins fans who would make D.C. look silly. Here’s a profanity-free version of the video: